I was assigned the duty of updating our existing TUG base layer product line. 
With a the new launch we noticed a demand from our athletes for a lightweight breathable compression top that would provided roost protection.  After working with our athletes and doing market research we realized what's currently offered in the market in the same category is bulky, heavy, and does not breathe well.  Our solution was to take our existing successful TUG platform and integrate lightweight and perforated RMF ( Reactive Memory Foam) panels that are strategically paced to offer the right amount of protection, and offer a great range of mobility.  We also increased ventilation but utilizing an improved moisture wicking mesh material in strategic places to allow air to easily pass though the garment increasing rider comfort.  Knowing that some riders may be required to wear a CE 1621-2 back protector, we added an internal welt pocket to the back that allows the rider to insert a back protector of choice. This was a fun project to work on and am happy to see it being widely accepted and used by consumers and professional athletes

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